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This Week

I made this: chai tea concentrate to have all week long! So yummy with lots of coconut cream. 🙂

I worked on this and this: finished the first baby/toddler sized hat and am part way through the second.

I finally put this up on the wall (main site here)! Almost three months late…

This week started off really well. On Sunday I managed to have a productive day; I got a bunch of housework done, we video-called my Dad in the afternoon, and I also managed to fit some crocheting time in . I’ve fallen into a rhythm of having a lazier Saturday and productive Sunday, and up till now it seems to be working well (more on that later…).

Monday evening was weekly choir practice! We’re singing Israel In Egypt this year… not my most favourite work, but the opportunity to sing together is one I’ve always wanted, so I might as well take advantage of it! I had to go in early to work on a duet I’m singing with another soprano; it has a very difficult ornamental bit at the end that we decided to cut out – feeling much better about it now! Our performance is on the 21st of April and I will be going away on the 14th of March, so I only have two more practices left which means lots of work still to be done.

It has been rather quiet in the office this week as there have been lots of people off on annual leave, but I still kept very busy. As I only have seven days of work left before I go away for at least a month I need to have my work as caught up as possible. I’ve also been working pretty long days (for an office job). I can’t drive in England yet so I catch lifts with other co-workers who live in the same village as I do. I’m very thankful for this, but it does mean that I am tied to their schedules; this week it meant going in about an hour earlier than normal each day.

On Wednesday the weather started to get really bad. It has been cold all week, but snow started falling Wednesday and Bible class was cancelled. Then the wind really picked up and the snow didn’t stop! I think the temperature during the days was around -4 degrees before the wind chill. The wind kept the snow light and dry, and swept it into drifts all over the place. As usual in England the snow caused quite a bit of panic, but I suppose that it to be expected when there are no snow plows or snow tires! The office closed early on Friday to make sure the few of us that actually made it in that morning got home safe. I was very happy to leave work at 3:00!

And then our boiler broke. I got home on Friday to an extremely cold house with no heating and no hot water. We had to wrap up in blankets and lots of layers and just managed to stay warm enough. I wore at least 8 items of clothing to bed and had to extra blankets on the bed and was toasty warm all night (except for my nose – that was icy cold). It was fixed and back to normal by Saturday afternoon; I am so thankful for the warmth now!

My whole morning routine thing went rather downhill the latter part of this week. I’m slightly ashamed to admit it after my last post, but this is reality! Yes, I know exactly what I need to do and just how much of a difference it makes, but I still end up failing and slipping back into my old habits. I still got up at least an hour before I had to be ready for work, ate a good breakfast and got ready properly, but there was no journalling or planning and no appreciating my food! I think it was the combination of being more tired and cold than normal that sapped my motivation and made me want to do nothing other than scroll instagram and watch videos while I ate and got ready.

So it ended up being a rather discouraging end to the week! But that is behind me now and there is no point focusing on it. Just need to start fresh tomorrow and make sure I don’t bring my phone into the kitchen in the mornings. And this is my last full work week before going away; surely I can do this for five more days!

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